(un)festival VRRRR

Last weekend I went to VRRRR (un) festival in Toulon, France.  The festival is about contemporary drawing mixed with music and performances

 I was invited to play Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Since I know that the organizer Benoit Bottex likes when things are a bit more experimental, I decided to try a completely new show. Since a while I was thinking about developing some pieces with a "prepared piano", so VRRRR  was the perfect platform for a first try.

Without really knowing what I would do in the end, I packed my car with some  utilities (e.g. Cordless drill driver, metal bars, etc.). I also went to a toy shop and bought a little RC car.

 The basic idea was to create rhythm with mechanical motion and transformed sound by objects  attached to the strings. I used some harmonies that I had in mind and put everything together. Check the video above to get an idea. I will definitely continue working on this subject. Subscribe to my newsletter to stay informed.

Check also some of the other artists who were taking part: 

Macdara Smith - drawing, music and performance 

Wormgasm - music (noise)

Ezu - drawing

Radina Stoïmenova - drawing and poems

Ohoaurelie - drawing

Sectionazurra - music (dub)

Hell Botcho - A great musician and also owner of the record label Toolong records.

Simondelaporte - drawing