My new podcast: "touche à oreille"

Since two month now I am working on a new project. In the beginning it was just a little stupid idea: making interviews to get in touch with my favorite musiciens. But as I started, I realized that this could be really interesting for a lot of people. And for me personally it is just a great way to learn from my idols.

I called it “touche à oreille” and the finished product is an interview podcast in which I ask musiciens about their career and life and how they got where they are. Sorry for those who don’t speak french, but as I live in france, it was just logic to me to start it in french language. This will not mean, that their won’t be some episodes in english from time to time.

In my first episode, I met Christophe CHASSOL ↗, a great musicien and really nice guy, whose music I listen to since quite a moment. I was pretty excited for my first interview and the sound quality is not that great yet, but I will get better from time to time.

You can listen to it on Spotify ↗ , on Apple podcasts ↗ and down here ↓.